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PENNY DREADFUL: Craft and Cunning are Effective Tools

The third episode of PENNY DREADFUL leaves us with a blood-soaked threesome, a werewolf fleeing through the desert with a witch, a furious Dracula and an enigmatic twist ending.

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TEEN WOLF Recap: Friendship is Magic, Except When It’s Hard

Episode 512 “Damnatio Memoriae” Friendships are hard you guys. Sometimes you think someone is going to be your friend forever, and in your head you plan a life of joyous vacations and road trips and dinners, only to discover that

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Hair of the Dog: Top Werewolf Movies

I have a confession to make to you, my fellow horror fans and brethren. I’m actually a really big wimp. When it comes to horror flicks, I can’t handle the stuff that looks like it may have a speck of

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