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PENNY DREADFUL: Craft and Cunning are Effective Tools

The third episode of PENNY DREADFUL leaves us with a blood-soaked threesome, a werewolf fleeing through the desert with a witch, a furious Dracula and an enigmatic twist ending.

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PENNY DREADFUL: “You Will Not Like What I’m Becoming”

In this hour, Dorian and Lily make a new friend, Ethan lets out his wild side, Sir Malcolm doesn’t care for ships, Kaetenay has a vision talk with Ethan, Vanessa has a full session with Dr. Seward and Jekyll takes Frankenstein to work.

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PENNY DREADFUL: Our Family is Fractured and the Bells Toll for Tennyson

Sam Sentman takes a look at the season three premiere of PENNY DREADFUL.

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PENNY DREADFUL Prequel to Appear in Comics

Enthusiasts of Showtime’s Penny Dreadful will soon have more stories to devour. In addition to the upcoming third season of the acclaimed show, a prequel comic series is set to release in spring of 2016. The stories will be issued

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