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PENNY DREADFUL: “You Will Not Like What I’m Becoming”

In this hour, Dorian and Lily make a new friend, Ethan lets out his wild side, Sir Malcolm doesn’t care for ships, Kaetenay has a vision talk with Ethan, Vanessa has a full session with Dr. Seward and Jekyll takes Frankenstein to work.

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Confession time. I can’t stand The Blair Witch Project. It’s a terrible movie with a brilliant ad campaign, and its director made a far superior film in Altered… if you saw it. Which most people didn’t. I laughed all through

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Monsters Part 2: The Vampire

[Originally posted on┬áSciFi4Me] If I were to ask what one of the most common characters in horror films was, what would you say? Yes, the screaming girl, but that’s not what I’m looking for. Or the obligatory “dumb cop”. No,

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