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Pennywise Moves In From Hemlock Grove: IT Has its Star (Again)

New Line Cinema’s new adaptation of Stephen King’s IT has a new Pennywise.

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Lucas Till Will See a SPECTRUM

X-MEN alum Lucas Till joins the cast of original ghost thriller SPECTRUM.

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New Line Cinema has released a new trailer for The Conjuring 2, from director James Wan. The sequel stars Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Frances O’Connor, Madison Wolfe, Simon McBurney, Franka Potente, Lauren Esposito, Patrick McAuley, Benjamin Haigh, Maria Doyle Kennedy, and Simon Delaney. The

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New Line Cinema has released this trailer for the upcoming Lights Out, starring Teresa Palmer, Gabriel Bateman, Alexander DiPersia, with Billy Burke and Maria Bello. From producer James Wan (“The Conjuring”) comes a tale of an unknown terror that lurks in the dark. When

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THE EXORCIST Adds Geena Davis

Geena Davis returns to series television in her first regular role since 2005.

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The Stanley Hotel is Still Shining

[Originally published on Sep 21, 2011] Nestled on the edge of the Rocky Mountain National Park is a hotel that’s been there since before the Rocky Mountain National Park. And it’s haunted. The Stanley Hotel – originally built by

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In PONTYPOOL, Words Can Kill

[photos: Brian Paulette] We’ve heard it said, “Words mean things.” And even as far back as the 1800s, we’ve been wrangling with the notion of how much words impact our lives. Sticks and stones will break my bones But words

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