Survival Horror with Grindhouse Style

From Wrong Turn to Wolf Creek to The Ruins, if the Survival Horror sub-genre has taught movie audiences anything, it’s that making even the most innocent of decisions (Hey, we’re late for the reunion, let’s take this shortcut!) into unfamiliar territory can have disastrous, if not lethal, consequences (Say hello to the Cannibal Hillbillies!).

Carnage Park,  Director Mickey Keatings’ new film, presents that familiar formula, with a few tweaks – a 1970’s setting with Grindhouse elements and the seemingly commonplace task that leads to disaster for Vivian (Ashley Bell). A trip to the bank to apply for a loan, which gets her taken hostage by bank robbers.  The consequence? Ending up in a forsaken patch desert called Carnage Park.


Keating’s film premiered this January at the Sundance Film Festival and was picked up by IFC Films for distribution under their IFC Midnight division. Carnage Park’s trailer, now on You Tube, offers a hint of the Straw Dogs meets Wrong Turn vibe in store when Carnage Park debuts  July 1 in theaters and via Video On Demand.

IFC Midnight

Carnage Park Trailer – You Tube

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