Michael Chaves’ Short Film THE MAIDEN Is Scary Good

We’ve all seen the horror movies where the family moves into the house where something terrible happened, right? The ones where somehow that little detail about the mass-murder, cult-suicide, or demonic forces unleashed doesn’t show up on the brochure, until about half-way through the picture when one of the neighbors starts a sentence with some variation of “You mean you didn’t hear about what happened there?”
You know, those films?

Who sells them that house?

Writer and director Michael Chaves has an answer for you, in THE MAIDEN.

Check out the trailer here:


And the complete short here:

I had the good fortune to talk to Micheal about the film, on the first of our revived Live From The Bunker podcasts. Live From The Bunker began as an actual live internet radio show where we interviewed genre filmmakers, actors,writers and artists about their work, and we’re delighted to bring it back with Michael and THE MAIDEN.


For more info about the film, the cast and the crew:


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