Season 6, Episode 16 “Last Day on Earth”
Story by: Scott M. Gimple & Matthew Negrete
Directed by Greg Nicotero

#TeamZombie Talks The Walking Dead Finale “Last Day on Earth”

Dustin: We are so late.

Timothy: We are, yes.

Dustin: We have recorded the new podcast review for Fear The Walking Dead already.

Timothy: Yes, yes we have.

Dustin: Our editor was really busy this week, with the paying film work, which I have… vague memories of having in my life at some point, but still. We’re late.

Timothy: Yeah, but the new podcast for Fear The Walking Dead will be out tomorrow, so that’ll be good.

Dustin: Uh huh. OK, folks, watch the thing we did, and follow the tweets and the Facebooks and watch for the – or should that be listen for? Whatever – new podcast thing.


#TeamZombie #ZombpocalypseNow

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