Fox Orders Pilot For THE EXORCIST

You are compelled to watch yet another television of a blockbuster movie from years ago!

This time 20th Century Fox with Morgan Creek Productions is charging Jeremy Slater (Fantastic Four, and The Lazarus Effect) with writing this one hour show alongside executive producers James Robinson, David Robinson, and Barbara Wall.


I’m ready for my close up!

The Exorcist is one of the greatest horror films made, and possibly the greatest use of sound design in any film ever (tied with Black Hawk Down, in my opinion). So, Slater will have an enormous pair of shoes to fill, and recently the track record for both Fox and Slater is not looking well, with the Fantastic Four flopping despite a powerfully talented cast, and the television adaption of Minority Report not well received.

That being said, I really hope this show does well; a show which does proper homage to a favorite of mine.

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