Hair of the Dog: Top Werewolf Movies

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4 comments on “Hair of the Dog: Top Werewolf Movies
  1. Totally agree with all except I would add Wolf with Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer. Loved that one.


  2. Nice summary! I’d like to add an honorable mention for the Harry Potter series, which portrayed both the physical manifestations of Remus Lupin’s transformation, and the social and economical impact of having the curse. (BTW: their special effects were pretty cool, too)


    • lesliecwalker says:

      Oh my gosh, Kammie, I totally considered adding that, but decided against it only because Remus and Charlie were secondary and tertiary characters, and the story focus wasn’t on werewolves per se. But Remus really was always my favorite Defense against the Dark Arts teacher. We watched the whole series again over the holidays, and it always breaks my heart in DHP2 when Tonks and Remus are lying next to each other, dead, with their hands not quite but almost touching, like the Lovers of Teruel. Very much deserving of honorable mention, and thank you for pointing it out!

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