Vertigo Entertainment Inks Deal with Warner Bros.


Vertigo Entertainment has just entered into a two-year television development deal with Warner Brothers.

With the success of Netflix’s (and Eli Roth’s) Hemlock Grove and A&E’s flagship Bates Motel, both of which were nominated for Primetime Emmys, Vertigo, led by Roy Lee, has proved it’s worth its salt to the execs at Warner Brothers.

bates__140224164337These two shows (and other award winning films) were most likely the reason Warner Brothers gave Vertigo Entertainment the overall contract.

With this expansion Vertigo is bringing in mystery writer heavyweight Michael Connelly (previously of Mad Hatter Entertainment) to run the TV operations. Lee and Connelly have worked together on past projects, so the addition should be relatively kink free, and the creativity will start flowing immediately.

So, the horror community should be shaking in anticipation at the thought of what TV show(s) that might be coming out in the next two years. Even if it’s not horror, with the people responsible for The Ring, and The Grudge, and a man who has won almost every major mystery writer award behind it, it is sure to be great.

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