THROUGH MY EYES gets American Update

Since the resurgence of anthology-based television in the mainstream with American Horror Story, many have wondered: Just what is the next innovative move in televised horror? The answer may come in the form of an adaptation of the Russian drama Through My Eyes for American audiences. The man behind the conversion is Fringe and Almost Human alum J.H. Wyman, writes The Hollywood Reporter.

This horror-thriller will unravel through the POV of a different character, episode-to-episode. The original story centered on scientists “attempting to achieve immortality by building a special machine that can extract the soul and its energy and relocate it to another.” While it’s unclear if the U.S. update will tell the same story, the presentation format will remain unchanged. It was originally achieved by actors wearing GoPro-like cameras, presenting a true first-person vantage point. See the trailer for the Russian series below.

From a conceptual standpoint, this is exciting news. I’m reminded of the first-person survival horror of the F.E.A.R. video games, peppered with season four of Arrested Development. Each episode gives us a different character’s piece of the story, but through a more terrifying frame of reference.

Wyman is penning the script and will act as executive producer for the Through My Eyes remake.

And for something completely unrelated, here’s “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel.


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